State of California Tableau User Group

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Event Date

OSHPD Sacramento Office, #800 2020 W El Camino Ave, Sacramento, CA 95811

Please join us for the State of California Tableau User Group meeting on March 8.

This is an opportunity for you to connect with your local Tableau Community. Join us for the chance to share best practices, connect with others, and learn new approaches to Tableau with other users in your area.

  • Welcome & Introductions
  • Conversational BI with Tableau's Natural Language Processing
  • Leveraging Tableau’s Function GIS for Targeted Campaigns
  • Data Governance for Energy Efficiency at a Large Utility
  • Tableau as a Data Quality and Auditing Tool
  • Managing your Dirty Data
  • What's New in Tableau / Roadmap Update
  • Networking

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