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AggieBudget Final Budget Cycle FY18/19

Moving from Budget to Final Budget

AggieBudget Plan Files will be open for editing mid-August, after the close of June Final in KFS, through mid-September, closing before Q1 reporting. Unit leadership will decide if plan files will be open to edit by all users. For more information on your unit’s user access, please contact your Dean’s or Vice Chancellor’s Office.

What to expect in the Plan Files:

  • Exact copy of Original Budget and Labor Plan Files
    • Labor planning data will not be updated from PPS; however, all user edits will be maintained
  • Only the following items will be updated in the Plan Files:
    • Carry Forward for July 2018 based on actuals
    • July 1 Base Budget for July 2018 based on actuals
    • Any assumptions that may have changed since the Original budget, including GAEL rates
    • YTD actuals will be updated from January to June final (Reference column only)
    • Budget decisions for the units that have received them will be uploaded to the Commitments sheet
    • New object codes that have recently been created in KFS will be added to existing budget groups