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Creating an environment for data-driven insights

Business Intelligence experts help develop pathways to collect, store and translate data to make it easily accessible to end users, and fosters an environment for data-informed insights and decision-making. Accurate, up-to-date, and consistent information is essential to make sound decisions at all organizational levels of UC Davis. Furnishing an integrated, consistently defined set of information requires prioritization and sponsorship of information areas from the highest levels of institutional leadership.

Developing consistency in data definitions

Deriving consistency and appreciation for the nuances of data definitions, as well as maintaining balance between privacy and insight enablement by facilitating appropriate access to data requires coordination between Information Technology, Institutional Analysis, and subject matter experts throughout the institution.

Visualize your data with AggieDash

Thumbnail image of Tableau Server logo.Enterprise Tableau Server is Live

As of October 13, 2017, UC Davis' new Enterprise Tableau 10.5.4 Server is live! AggieDash hosts centrally- and partner-developed Tableau 10.5.4 dashboards that tell the story of campus wide data. Meeting and exceeding campus standards, AggieDash uses DUO two factor authentication software to ensure access control and data security.

Interested in Joining?

If you would like to join the AggieDash partnership, please contact us.

When we meet with potential partners, we are looking for--

  • A team with enthusiastic data analysts willing to learn and develop Tableau skills.
  • IT / DBAs willing to distill their data sources into Tableau-friendly formats for proof of concept development.
  • Leadership commitment to contribute to long-term design and convergence of a campus wide, curated, and integrated data model.

About the B.I. Team

Who We Are

Our core objective is collaborating with institutional data stewards to provide visualization, access, and analytical data modeling in support of both operational processes and strategic university outcomes.

Organizationally, Business Intelligence is under Steven Weisler, the Chief Data Officer and director of Institutional Analysis.

The BI Team