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Accurate, up-to-date, and consistent information is essential to make sound decisions at all organizational levels of UC Davis. Business Intelligence experts help develop pathways to collect, store and translate data to make it easily accessible to end users in UC Davis’ new Enterprise Tableau Server - AggieDash. As of October 13, 2017, UC Davis' new Enterprise Tableau 10.5.4 Server is live! AggieDash hosts centrally- and partner-developed Tableau 10.5.4 dashboards that tell the story of campus wide data.


AggieDash security is flexibly designed to meet or exceed FERPA access control requirements. To ensure the highest levels of data safety, Data Connections, Refresh Processes, and the Application Server are encrypted. To log in to AggieDash, users will be prompted to enter their Campus Computing Account credentials and follow directions to login via DUO Dual Factor Authentication. To setup your DUO account, please click here.

AggieDash Service Components

For the convenience of our partners, the Business Intelligence team is utilizing IET’s enterprise services for AggieDash in order to streamline the security, support, and maintenance of its components. For more details on the services that are bundled with AggieDash, please click here.

How do I become an AggieDash Partner?

Programs: Core vs Partner

Business Intelligence Core indicates that the visualizations are developed by Business Intelligence and sourced from institutional data sources.

Business Intelligence Partner indicates that the visualizations are developed by the Partner Organization in collaboration with Business Intelligence and sourced from partner data sources via the Rapid Data Onboarding Hub (RDOH).

If you would like to become an AggieDash Partner, please contact us with the Data Specification Form .

When we meet with potential partners, we are looking for:

  • A team with enthusiastic data analysts willing to learn and develop Tableau skills.
  • IT / DBAs willing to distill their data sources into Tableau-friendly formats for proof of concept development.
  • Leadership commitment to contribute to long-term design and convergence of a campus wide, curated, and integrated data model.

Posted by Maksym Monastyrskyy