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Budget Timelines

Budget Planning Cycle

The Campus Budget Cycle activities are tied to the budget processes of the UC Regents and State of California. Funding to support UC Davis’ core instructional mission is largely derived from tuition and fees paid by students, which are set by the Regents, and allocations from the state. The graphic below depicts how these three decision processes build on one another to culminate in the campus budget.

annual budget planning cycle for UCOP, State of California and UC Davis

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2020—25 Budget Framework Timeline

The Budget Framework timeline outlines the process of annual budget planning, review and decisions along with an iterative review of progress toward targets.

Budget Framework Timeline

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2019—2020 AggieBudget Timeline

The AggieBudget timeline shows periods of system activity and training through June 1, 2020.

AggieBudget system timeline

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