Partner Program

Posted by Maksym Monastyrskyy


When working with our partners, one of our utmost concerns is delivering fast results in a secure manner. Many of our partners require analysis and visualization of data from self-serve databases hosted locally (Excel, Access, etc.). When onboarding data in these cases, complicated interdepartmental collaboration to create unique pathways between servers is slow and unnecessary. As a solution, the Business Intelligence team developed the Rapid Data Onboarding Hub (RDOH). RDOH uses a single secure process (outlined below) that lets us to quickly and securely upload Partner data into our Tableau environment, allowing us to produce results faster.

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    How it works:
    1. Our Partners format their locally hosted data into a Tableau-friendly format.
    2. The Business Intelligence team coordinates the transfer of a copy of the Partner data (refreshed at an agreed upon interval) using RDOH.
    3. With the use of Tableau, the BI team works together with the Partner to develop a Tableau dashboard to Partner specifications.
    4. The dashboard is finalized after initial review by our Partner audience and is available on AggieDash (sample dashboard shown below). 
    Dashboard Development

    Once our Partner data is in a Tableau-friendly format, the process of dashboard development starts. After an initial consultation, our Partners develop first-draft dashboards to answer the data questions that they may have had. This round of dashboard development serves to define design and data analytics goals for the project. Once the goals are clear, the BI team works together with our Partners to develop a more comprehensive dashboard (see below) to the agreed-upon specifications. At this point, the dashboard undergoes User Acceptance Testing, and upon approval it is published to AggieDash for the appropriate audience.

    Sample Dashboard
    Sample Tableau Dashboard
    Getting started:

    If you would like to become an AggieDash Partner, please contact us with the Data Specification Form.

    When we meet with potential partners, we are looking for:

    • A team with enthusiastic data analysts willing to learn and develop Tableau skills.
    • IT / DBAs willing to distill their data sources into Tableau-friendly formats for proof of concept development.
    • Leadership commitment to contribute to long-term design and convergence of a campus wide, curated, and integrated data model.